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Meet H22’s four superheroes at each of their areas. Visit their home, dance and sing with them, and discover their magical world. Draw, do crafts, and play with Eldar in Drottninghög. Find all of Blubba’s small friends in Oceanhamnen. Explore Larve’s magical forest home in Slottshagen. Be on the lookout for Vinda’s world among the clouds and stars in the City Centre.

My name is Blubba

Blubelliblubb, hello there! I am Blubba and I love water, fish, coral reefs, and sea animals.
Yes, even sharks and jellyfish that sting! I think that all aquatic creatures should be allowed to live in clean seas and lakes. And of course it’s cool that electricity can be created with the help of hydropower!

My name is Eldar

Sprakelinast, nice to meet you! I am Eldar and I am passionate about fairness and togetherness. I don’t think that anyone should have to feel alone or not included. No, if I could decide, I would make bullying and unfairness disappear for good. I also think that solar power and the energy in fire and heat are really cool!

My name is Vinda

Swish swosh, hi! I am Vinda and I am happiest up in the clouds or out in space. It is when I swish forward with the power of the wind that I come up with the smartest ideas. I’m so smart you might not really understand everything I say. But that’s ok, because I barely understand myself!

My name is Larve

Knak brak, hi there! I am Larve and I love everything that lives and grows in the earth: trees, flowers, and tiny creatures such as insects and grubs. Did you know that trees have superpowers and are real climate heroes?  The more trees we plant, the cleaner our air becomes!


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