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Partners & Initiators

By leading development in their field, H22 collaborators have been part of shaping life in the city. During 35 days at H22 City Expo, they showcased the most exciting development work, the smartest solutions, and the best ideas for a smarter and more sustainable city.


Principal partner of H22 that through major, long-term, international initiatives contributes several unique solutions in close collaboration with the City of Helsingborg – prior to, during, and after H22 City Expo.

Content Driver

A company, organisation, or civil society association working closely with the City of Helsingborg to test and develop new solutions that contribute to content – prior to, during, and after H22 City Expo.

Academic & Research

An actor within the academic and research world that collaborates with the City of Helsingborg in a long-term initiative and contributes content to H22 City Expo.

Expo Partner

Contributes to the H22 City Expo event with content and experiences through their initiatives, solutions, and innovations.

Friends of H22

Organisations, international actors, media, businesses, and associations that spread information on, support, or collaborate with the City of Helsingborg and act as an ambassador for H22 City Expo.


H22 initiators are the city’s departments, wholly and partly owned enterprises, and association of local authorities.




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