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Open up for Circularity

From 30 May to 3 July 2022, H22 City Expo took place in Helsingborg. An international event that focused on future welfare and urban development solutions and how we can create a smarter, more sustainable, and thoughtful city – together. Below you can see some of things visitors could experience in Oceanhamnen during the expo.


As you explore Oceanhamnen, you’ll experience an entirely new district with fantastic views across the Öresund strait. But what’s really exciting is the innovations beneath the surface, where circular thinking has been taken one step further. Discover how we can use smart tech to live the good life in balance with nature. Get a fresh look at what waste means in tomorrow’s city. Experiment with sound and play in the urban environment, and marvel at the sea life on the artificial reef wall.

Get a feel of Helsingborg's new city district

In Oceanhamnen, curiosity and playfulness meet science and knowledge under the theme Open up for Circularity. Find out what’s so special about the local sewer system and why those living and working here are climate heroes the day they move in. Take a tour through the smart homes and workplaces of the future. Or why not swing by the recovery lab and eat lunch with ingredients grown from processed waste.


The sea is our neighbour in Oceanhamnen. Here you can immerse yourself in the magic of the ocean at the new marine park, or take in a talk about the sea’s role in developing the city. Round it all off with some bites and a show along the sparking coast. There’s something for everyone in Oceanhamnen.




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