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Main areas

Explore four magical locations

H22 City Expo was centred around four main areas of the city; Oceanhamnen, the City Centre, Drottninghög, and Slottshagen. There were also specific locations around Helsingborg and the region known as satellites. See what these areas offered below.


Oceanhamnen – A brand new
city district by the ocean’s edge

As you explore Oceanhamnen, you’ll experience an entirely new district with fantastic views across the Öresund strait. But what’s really exciting is the innovations beneath the surface, where circular thinking has been taken one step further. Discover how we can use smart tech to live the good life in balance with nature. Get a fresh look at what waste means in tomorrow’s city. Experiment with sound and play in the urban environment, and marvel at the sea life on the artificial reef wall.


City Centre –
The heart of a smart city

Feel the pulse for change in Helsingborg’s vibrant City Centre. This is the Place of Action, the home of conferences and big events, and a hub for exploring possibilities together. Connect with people from across the world, exchange ideas, and unleash your inner changemaker for a better future. The centre is alive with activities and the tastes and aromas of world cuisine. Be entertained by a wide range of performers and artists, and soak up some culture with an evening theatre show.


Drottninghög – A neighbourhood
of new ideas

Open up and spark new connections in Drottninghög, a dynamic neighbourhood just a short trip from the centre. Discover how a whole district can be transformed for the better with residents in the driving seat. You’ll find gardening projects and inventive playgrounds, new housing concepts and green transport solutions. Take a stroll through a different kind of marketplace and get to know the people behind the innovations, the exciting cuisine, and the vibrant music.


Slottshagen – Nature for
a balanced city life

Find your balance and feed your soul as you wander through Slottshagen park, a green oasis right in the middle of the city. With great views over Helsingborg and the ocean, what better place is there to explore city life in harmony with nature. Breathe in the centuries of history in the fortress tower that keeps watch over the city, and get energised by testing some new outdoor activities. Experience how health and sustainability go hand in hand in the future city. 




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