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Open up for Co-creation

From 30 May to 3 July 2022, H22 City Expo took place in Helsingborg. An international event that focused on future welfare and urban development solutions and how we can create a smarter, more sustainable, and thoughtful city – together. Below you can see some of things visitors could experience in Drottninghög during the expo.


Open up and spark new connections in Drottninghög, a dynamic neighbourhood just a short trip from the centre. Discover how a whole district can be transformed for the better with residents in the driving seat. You’ll find gardening projects and inventive playgrounds, new housing concepts and green transport solutionsTake a stroll through different kind of marketplace and get to know the people behind the innovations, the exciting cuisine, and the vibrant music. 

Drottninghög puts the social in making a sustainable city, where we Open up for Co-creation. Why not learn about the area’s evolution from drab to fab, which started with 300 cups of coffee. Stop by the H22 Lab and get busy with some new ideas and activities. Help design tomorrow’s town square using high-tech tools. Visit the Garden, the Kitchen, and the Market, and see a special take on the Farm to Fork journey by locals, the city, and IKEA.


In Drottninghög, you’ll experience how breaking down boundaries and creating together can transform the way we live. Step inside and explore a few different spins on what a home can be. Be inspired by the human approach that’s breathing new life into a district. Let the energy, surprise, and different flavours of the city empower you.




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