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Here you can find useful information for visitors to H22 City Expo

Opening hours

City exhibition
Monday to Friday 09:00 – 19:00
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 17:00


Culture & Entertainment
Monday to Thursday and Sunday until 21:00
Friday and Saturday until 23:00

Special opening hours

National Day, 6 June
City exhibition: 09:00 – 19:00
Culture & Entertainment until 21:00


Midsummer Eve, 24 June

City exhibition: Closed
Culture & Entertainment: Open parts of the day.


Midsummer Day, 25 June

City exhibition: Closed
Culture & Entertainment: Open parts of the day.

Emergency services

112 for emergencies
(11414 for non-urgent matters)

When is the Expo open?
The Expo is open from 09:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. The opening hours for the entertainment programme in the areas are later than those of the Expo. You can find all activities in the programme. On the National Day of Sweden on 6 June, the Expo is open from 09:00-19:00. On Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day, the Expo is closed, but you can join in and celebrate traditional Midsummer in Fredriksdal. h22cityexpo.com/programme/enjoy-a-traditional-midsummer-celebration-at-fredriksdal

The expo programme offers lots of activities for everyone. Most things are free for all to enjoy, but certain programme items will involve an entry fee. Information is provided under the respective item.

Is the expo programme available as an app?
There will not be a downloadable app but you can easily access the updated programme here on the website. There are two versions: a Swedish and an English version that are found here at www.h22cityexpo.com

Is the programme available in paper form?
Yes, the programme or parts of it will be available as a booklet that can be picked up at the information points at each main area.

What does the programme look like – is it finished or will it be added to over time?
The programme is found here on our website. You can always find the current programme here. Many new programme items will be added regularly running up to the start of H22 City Expo on 30 May 2022.

Are there information points / info tents where I can get more information?
Yes, all areas will have staffed information points. The locations of these will be published before the event and found here on the website.

Will there be food tents and other festivities?
There will be lots of food and entertainment at H22 City Expo. You can keep an eye on the growing programme here on the website.

Is there anything for children?
Yes, there will be many activities for children, both educational and fun.

We are exploring the possibility of creating parking space close to the City Expo’s different areas. However, we recommend that those who are able can instead use public transport or cycle/walk. In this way, we make it easier for those who don’t have the same options, while also being kind to the environment.

Can I also visit areas that don’t have any programme features?
All of Helsingborg will be open and accessible just like normal. There are extremely few places being closed off for the Expo.

Where can I get help and information during the event?
There will be manned information hubs in the four expo areas. The locations of these hubs will be available here on the website shortly. The information centres are open throughout the Expo.


H22 is a major initiative by Helsingborg to develop future welfare solutions aimed at improving quality of life in a smarter, more sustainable city. The city’s work with H22 consists of two parts: 1. A city-wide innovation initiative. It’s about the journey towards becoming a smarter and more sustainable city. 2. H22 City Expo – A stop along the way where we shine a light on all that’s been achieved between now and the summer of 2022. During and after the City Expo, the long-term initiative continues (read more about H22 City Expo further down)

H22 City Expo is all these things. It is an innovation show.

Everyone. From industry to families and children, tourists, and both national and international target audiences.

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime innovation show and there is only one chance to experience it, during 35 days in the summer of 2022.

The City of Helsingborg’s wholly and partly owned companies, H22 Partners, local businesses. They will showcase what they have been testing and developing in the run up to H22 City Expo. What is considered the future in a smart and sustainable city is exactly their business.

There are many public toilets already in Helsingborg. Here is a map to find them https://helsingborg.se/uppleva-och-gora/toaletter/ During H22 City Expo, more will be added so that there is enough for everyone. A map to find these will be found here on the website.

There will be alcohol served at a few of the expo areas. More information will be available closer to the start date.

H22 City Expo is working to be classed as a Certified Sustainable Event via Greentime (www.greentime.se).

This work is being prioritised during the planning and establishment of the event.
In our work with sustainability, we focus on:

– Reusing equipment both in our own event and afterwards
– Ensuring conditions for environmental sustainability for visitors and exhibitors through e.g. waste sorting and minimal use of giveaways/flyers and plastic products
– Avoiding unnecessary travel
– Encouraging travel by public transport to and from the expo
– Using our content to inspire smart and sustainable solutions within different industries.

We expect there to be a lot of people in town during H22 City Expo. We therefore recommend using public transport or cycling/walking to get around. You avoid having to look for parking and do a good deed for the environment. You can easily move between the main areas by cycling or walking.

We do not have physical tourist offices in Helsingborg, but here are several ways to get tips before and during your visit to Helsingborg:


Visit Helsingborg: At visithelsingborg.com you can find all the information and inspiration you need before and during your stay in Helsingborg. Follow Visit Helsingborg on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration.


InfoPoints: Do you need help during your visit to Helsingborg? Visit one of the city’s 27 InfoPoints, which you will find at hotels and popular destinations, among other places. Here you can get help with the most common questions about our city. In addition to knowledgeable staff, you can also find a brochure stand with current maps and brochures for the season. Read more about InfoPoints. visithelsingborg.com/infopoints/

Hx is Helsingborg’s annual city festival with a focus on trying out activities together with local actors, music, and food. H22 City Expo is an international city exhibition similar to H55 or H99. H22 City Expo aims to highlight innovations for how we can solve future challenges.

Traffic will be affected in very few places. H22 will provide clear information on which places these may be.

No bus lines will be changed. Extra buses may be added so that some run more often.




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