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Here you can find information about H22 City Expo, which took place in Helsingborg between 30 May and 3 July 2022.

How many people visited, experienced, and were inspired by the future city at H22 City Expo?

Figures from Telia Insight show that the main areas of the expo have had a total of around one million visits between 30 May and 3 July. The figures are preliminary and additional data will be collected during the autumn so that final figures can be presented.

What type of visitors did H22 City Expo have?

Future-focused industry people, curious residents, solution-oriented change leaders, interested community actors, lots of families with children, tourists, and other passionate individuals who have engaged with the city to inspire, discuss, and learn from each other to solve tomorrow’s global and local challenges. H22 City Expo has been visited by two members of the Swedish royal family, five ministers, MEPs, two (one female and one male) astronauts, the Nordics’ top culinary stars, and international politicians and scientists.

What kind of content did H22 City Expo have?

It has been 35 days of fantastic experiences, exciting meetings, and spectacular entertainment – all with a focus on the smart, innovation-driven, sustainable, and thoughtful city. H22 City Expo has been an innovation show where the business community, public sector, residents, associations, and many others have come together to create fantastic programme content. Lots of curious visitors have explored future welfare innovations in Space to Innovate, have examined marine life at Havoteket, and have taken a tour of the show apartments in areas such as Drottninghög. During the expo, the European Innovation Council’s new innovation network was also launched and a UN conference was held. One of the world’s most innovative universities, MIT, has been on site to work with the city. Furthermore, visitors have been able to enjoy a city-wide celebration with food, concerts, and unusual cultural experiences.

What happens to the H22 Pavilion now?

The pavilion will remain in place until 14 August. There are a number of suggestions for how the pavilion should be used after the expo, and a dialogue with residents is currently underway in Helsingborgsrummet (Oceanhamnen) where they can give their input on the proposals. The property management department will make a decision this autumn. During the summer, the pavilion will serve as an info point for visitors and tourists.

We didn’t have a chance to meet the Superheroes. Are they still in the city, and if so, where can we meet them?

The H22 Superheroes have been very popular and will still be around in Helsingborg. This summer you will find them here: Eldar or Vinda, Thurs-Sun, 13:00 at the H22 Pavilion. Blubba or Larve, Thurs-Sun, 15:00 in Oceanhamnen by Havoteket.

We planned to visit H22 City Expo next summer. Can we go to it then?

H22 City Expo was unique and is not a regular event, just like the industry and design expo H55 and Sweden’s first housing expo H99. Helsingborg has a long tradition of city expos that have made their mark in history in various ways.

What sights and attractions can you continue to visit after H22 this summer?

During the summer, there are a number of opportunities for those who have not had time to see and do everything. Several of the popular expo programme features, which are free of charge, can still be enjoyed until 14 August. In addition, there is lots to discover in Oceanhamnen, which is a completely new city district where circular thinking has been taken to a world-class level. Here you can see and experience the fiery sculpture Hamngästen, the Jungle Playground, the creative pier Pixlapiren, and the spontaneous OPS! meeting places with their smart solutions.


Drottninghög, which was also one of the four expo areas during H22, has attracted global interest through the innovative and dialogue-based work that has breathed new life into the district. Here you can discover how an entire neighborhood has transformed with the help of the residents. This summer you can see an urban farming project, a different kind of marketplace with DM, inventive playgrounds, and innovative forms of housing.

You can also experience H22 City Expo here this summer:


o The H22 Pavilion – every day, 10:00–18:00

o Havoteket – every day, 9:30–17:00

o Apartment 72 Fri-Sun

o People´s Walk (only applies to the crate art structure)

o The Breath

o DM – Do More every day, 8:00–18:00

o The H22 Superheroes: Eldar or Vinda, Thurs-Sun, 13:00 at the H22 Pavilion. Blubba or Larve, Thurs-Sun, 15:00 in Oceanhamnen by Havoteket.

o Jungle Playground

o Dinosaur Playground

o Helsingborgsrummet Wed-Thurs, 13:00–17:00, Fri, 13:00–16:00, Sat, 10:00–16:00

o The Reuse Pavilion in Slottshagen, Slottshagen IRL Mon-Fri, 10:00–17:00, until 12 August.

o Warm Places

o H22 at Dunkers Kulturhus: Children’s H22, t0 – a new era, AQUANAUTS – The Expedition, A ship is created

Was the expo certified as a sustainable event?

H22 City Expo was classed as a Certified Sustainable Event via Greentime (www.greentime.se).


Why was it called H22 City Expo?

The H stands for Helsingborg. 22 alludes to the year 2022 when H22 City Expo was being held. H22 is also a nod to the previous expos H55 and H99, even though they were more limited in scope.


What is the difference between H22 and H22 City Expo?

H22 is a major initiative by Helsingborg to develop future welfare solutions aimed at improving quality of life in a smarter, more sustainable city. The city’s work with H22 consists of two parts:

1. A city-wide innovation initiative. It’s about the journey towards becoming a smarter and more sustainable city.

2. H22 City Expo – A stop along the way where we shone a light on all that’s been achieved so far.


H22 City Expo – was it a festival, a city exhibition, or something else?

H22 City Expo was all these things. It was an innovation show.


Who were the initiators and organisers of H22 City Expo?

The City of Helsingborg Group, i.e., all the city’s departments as well as wholly and partly owned enterprises, were the initiators and main organisers of H22 City Expo. The event’s programme content was provided by departments, enterprises, and H22 Partners – that is, companies, academic partners, and organisations that have chosen to become partners with the City of Helsingborg and H22.


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