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Fun for kids

In Helsingborg there’s lots to do for kids, and a dip in the ocean is always close by. Go explore one of the city’s many playgrounds, with a few of them listed below, or discover the fantastic beaches and culture!


Surflekan playground

Surflekan is a surf-inspired playground located right by the sea at Gröningen. Climb up a giant jellyfish and slide on down, practice your balance on a surfboard, climb a giant wave, or relax in a hammock. 


Read more about Surflekan here: helsingborg.se


The best beaches for kids

At Fria Bad, located just after Gröningen, you’ll find all the children’s favorites. Here you can find the well-known swing in the middle of the sea. On Gröningen there is also the cool playground Surflekan and mini golf course. An ice cream kiosk is also available for the obligatory beach snack! A perfect day on the beach! 


Read more about beaches in Helsingborg here: visithelsingborg.com


Slottshagens lekplats

Nearby Kärnan is the Slottshagen playground with a medieval theme. Here you will find, among other things, a mini Kärnan and small medieval houses. The playground has several different parts that are suitable for all ages. Take the opportunity and bring a picknick and sit down in the nice park.


Read more about Medeltidslekan here: helsingborg.se


Princesses and Dragons

At Drottninghög you will find the playground Princesses and Dragons. A dragon has surrounded a princess tower on a rubber mountain. Here the children can climb inside the dragon’s belly and ride the slide down the princess tower.


Read more about the playground Princesses and Dragons here: helsingborg.se


Have a swim in Domsten

In Domsten there is, among other things, a 500-m-long fine sandy beach that is perfect for children. In the small harbour it is popular to fish for small crabs, and if you’re lucky you can also manage to see a seal lying and sunbathing on one of the rocks.


Read more about Domsten’s beach here: helsingborg.se




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