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Discover a fantastic region

Helsingborg is nestled in the beautiful region of Northwest Skåne, with amazing experiences awaiting you around every corner. Explore the region’s glistening coastal waters and steep cliffs. Enjoy fine dining with fresh local produce and discover unexpected activities to delight the whole family – all just a short distance away. You’ll find easy travel connections from Helsingborg to all that the region has to offer.

Visit the picturesque fishing villages and charming harbour taverns that serve ocean delicacies. Embark on a hiking trail that takes you through deep valleys and forests, and the rolling landscape of Skåne. Or discover ancient relics and the rich history of the region. Why not head across the strait to the continent? It’s just a quick twenty-minute ferry ride to the Danish gem of Helsingör.


Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll create memories for life in Northwest Skåne.


Outdoor adventures

Are you on the lookout for the next big outdoor adventure? Head out to sea on a porpoise safari, or venture deep into the caves at Kullaberg Nature Reserve. Make you way east towards Söderåsen National Park, bask in the endless views, and connect with nature in the century-old forests. Why not hop on your bike and experience Kattegattleden – a 390-km-long bike path that takes you on the coast from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north. The region offers exciting outdoor activities for all ages, ranging from scenic world-class golf courses to idyllic coastal strips that attract surfers from across the world.


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Catch some culture

Northwest Skåne is steeped in history. You’ll find the magnificent castles and gardens of Sofiero, Örenäs, and Krapperup, and a wide variety of museums and galleries to delight the senses. Northwestern Skåne also enjoys an ancient ceramic tradition which you can immerse yourself in at Höganäs and Wallåkra. Experience the traditional craftwork, open up for new insights, and breathe in the unique beauty of the area.

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Family outings

Northwest Skåne is perfect for day trips for the whole family. Spectacular destinations and fun activities can be found scattered throughout the region. Why not stop by one of all the cozy country cafes and enjoy an ice cream in the sun! Hop on the boat in central Helsingborg or Landskrona to visit Ven, a delightful little island in the middle of the strait. Rent bikes for the family and discover the island’s epic views, rural kitchens, and sparkling beaches. Northwestern Skåne is a treat for young and old alike.


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Enjoy the good life

Whichever path you choose to take around the region, you can be sure to enjoy local farm stores, unforgettable spa experiences, or cozy resorts and villages with unique history. In the Wallåkra area, you can easily spend a day enjoying Northwest Skåne’s rich culinary tradition and country lifestyle. Walk through the charming vineyards of Arild and Kullaberg. The winding roads along Kullaberg offer unique hotels and dining experiences that make it easy to want to stay an extra day. The region is tailor-made for those looking to live the good life on the move.


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Beaches for miles

Fantastic beaches form a string of pearls along the coast of Northwest Skåne. The region boasts the purest coastal waters and soft sands that transport you to a tropical paradise. Rise with the sun and pack your picnic basket for a wonderful day out at Vejbystrand or Nyhamnsläge, or why not Fortuna beach in Rydebäck? Spend a lazy rainy day in the cold bath houses Kallis or Pålsjöbaden, where a traditional sauna and icy dip will awaken all your senses. Don’t miss out on the remarkable experience of a swim in the strait as the sun sinks below the horizon.


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