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Circular thinking for a sustainable city

The work to achieve a circular society is reaching a new level in Helsingborg! Meeting climate goals and protecting our planet demands that we become better at managing the earth’s resources. The climate-smart infrastructure of the future is being created and tested on a large scale here in Helsingborg, and is attracting the attention of the world. It’s about finding circular flows and seeing waste and sewage as resources that can be repurposed, recycled, and used as raw materials in new products.


Circular thinking features strongly in Oceanhamnen under the theme Open up for Circularity, but the concept permeates all of H22 City Expo. Discover RecoLab, Helsingborg’s hypermodern “recovery lab” which recycles resources from wastewater and food waste sorted at the source in the district’s properties. Explore how NSR is turning garden waste into climate-smart biochar that sequesters carbon dioxide, see how the ReCreate project reuses concrete in new buildings, or enjoy a virtual fashion show where leftover fabrics and used products from the city are given new life.


Here you can find more programme items that focus on circularity and sustainability:


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Circular thinking for a sustainable city

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