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Welcome to Helsingborg and H22 City Expo! To make it easy for you to book your trip to H22 City Expo, we work with a number of partners in the travel industry. Here you can book hotels, activities, conferences, study visits and much more!


Leisure travel

For those of you who want to travel on your own to H22 City Expo and also want to discover more sights in our region. With Sembo’s innovative tools, you can easily book your entire trip, individually tailored to your wishes. Here you will find a lot of inspiration and you can book hotels, transport, and activities with just a few clicks.


Group travel

Groups, conferences, and events. If you’re travelling in a group and want help planning your stay during H22 City Expo, H22 offers expert help via our partners. Here you can get help with booking conferences, unique and customised events, dinners, transport, hotels, and much more.


Plan your visit to the expo

Those of you who plan to visit H22 City Expo as part of a bigger group can now receive help with your planning. Together with our experts, you can create an exciting and tailor-made itinerary for your visit. We offer advice, tips, and support in the planning, after which your group is responsible for making any bookings that may be needed for your visit.


Discover Helsingborg

Like a pearl on the edge of the Öresund strait, you will find Helsingborg, the city with something for everyone. Whether you’re longing for adventure, a dip in the sea, or exciting culture and history, you can be sure to find it here.


Enjoy the whole region

Visitors to H22 City Expo find themselves in the region of Northwest Skåne, an area of natural beauty where experiences beyond the ordinary await around every corner. Discover the rich culinary tradition, adventure, and activities for the whole family.
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