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Helsingborg has a fantastic coastline with a large number of different beaches to choose from. For the locals, a day at the beach is a must if the sun is out and the winds are warm. Pack your beach bag and choose one of the city’s many beaches, maybe the chic Tropical Beach in the centre, with palm trees which remind you of the Mediterranean, or why not try Fria Bad, where the kids have swings in the water and a cool surf playground just beside.


Fria bad

Located just after Gröningen are all the children’s favorites. Here is the well-known swing in the middle of the sea. At Gröningen there is also the cool playground Surflekan and mini golf. An ice cream kiosk is also available for the obligatory beach snack! A perfect day on the beach! Why not end with a good dinner at the beach restaurant Fria Bad och Bar.

Foto: Lisa Wikstrand



In Domsten there is, among other things, a 500-m-long fine sandy beach that is perfect for children. In the small harbour, it is popular to fish for small crabs, and if you’re lucky you can also manage to see a seal lying and sunbathing on one of the rocks.


Tropical Beach

Tropical Beach is located in the city centre of Helsingborg. This beautiful sandy beach with its palm trees swaying in the wind really gives you the feeling of being abroad. Enjoy the sand, the waves and the view over Öresund!



Enjoy a long sandy beach with several piers. Here the dog is also welcome on the designated part of the beach. Vikingstrand is the best place to bathe for those with a disability.

Foto: Anna Alexander Olsson


Gröningen/Järnvägsmännens bad

Here you bathe from the bridge and sunbathe on the large wooden deck or grass areas. Previously there was a rail yard here, and a dip in the sea was popular with the workers. There is also an outdoor gym, surf fun, and mini golf.

Foto: Anna Alexander Olsson

Badande på en brygga vid Hittarps strand


In the small village Hittarp you can find a nice sandy beach with piers. The beach also connects to Kulla Gunnarstorp’s nature reserve, which offers nice walking paths along the coast.

Foto: Anna Alexander Olsson


Råå vallar

Råå Vallar is a favorite for the whole family for an evening dip. Here you can swim both from the beach which is shallow or one of the piers. Buy a pizza down to the beach and eat with the family.

Foto: Anna Alexander Olsson



Here you can find several hundred metres of glistening sandy beach. In addition, there is a 190-metre-long jetty and a swimming raft to jump from. The grass surfaces above the beach are perfect for kite flying or a football match.

Foto: Anna Alexander Olsson

rååbaden (1)


Rååbadet is located a bit north of Råå marina, in the yellow-painted wooden buildings that stretch along the beach. The bath has three sections, all of which have their own bathing jetty; a family section where swimwear is mandatory, a men’s section, and a women’s section.

Foto: Måns Fornander



Pålsjöbaden was first called “the Follinska bathhouse”, because it was built by the Follin family. The bathhouse was not alone in the area – there were several private bathing jetties and cabins at this time, but Pålsjöbaden is the only one that remains today. In 1912, the cold bath house became open to the public.



Kallis, the cold bath house on Gröningen, dates back to 1865, but the current form was designed by the architect Jeppe Hagaard Andersen in 2012. From the beginning, the bathhouse was called “The new cold bath house” and was located on pillars out in the sea, just like Pålsjöbaden.

bjärehalvön (1)


The Bjäre Peninsula is a perfect day trip from Helsingborg. On the Bjäre Peninsula, you can get close to nature on Hallandsåsen, find magnificent views of the dramatic cliffs at Hovs Hallar, enjoy tranquility on one of the many pebble and sandy beaches, or live the jet-set life in the summer and tennis town of Båstad.

Read more about Bjärehalvön here: visithelsingborg.com

Foto: Michael Tannus




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