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In Helsingborg there are lots of options for those who are eager to be amazed by historical monuments, beautiful castles, wild animals, or beautiful nature. Maybe you want to experience the city´s culture and art treasure, visit Fredriksdal or check out the exhibitions at Dunkers kulturhus? Be inspired by the city’s wide variety below and various guides. Welcome to Helsingborg!


Dunkers Kulturhus

Dunkers Kulturhus is located right next to the water in Helsingborg’s North Harbor. Dunkers offers urban and cultural history exhibitions, art, dance, music, and theater. The architect of the building is Kim Utzon, son of the architect who designed the Sydney Opera House. Here you can also enjoy a bite to eat in the restaurant or bistro.


Read more about Dunkers Kulturhus here:  dunkerskulturhus.se



Visitors come to Sofiero to enjoy the flourishing beauty, the royal tradition, and the beautiful view of the sea. The garden is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful! Here you can explore the exciting ravines, visit the exhibition in the castle, have fun in the magic forest, enjoy a good lunch in the glass veranda, or just be. At Sofiero there is something for the whole family, and the park is as beautiful in summer as in winter.


Read more about Sofiero here: sofiero.se/


Fredriksdal museer och trädgårdar

Fredriksdal is one of the largest open-air museums in Sweden. There is something for everyone here when it comes to nature and culture. Visit the charming old town quarters, smell the spice garden, watch the animals in the Scanian farm, and be fascinated by the splendor of the rosary. Or just take a nice walk all year round. Hungry? Do not miss their cozy garden café.


Read more about Fredriksdal here: fredriksdal.se



Kärnan, one of Helsingborg’s most well-known symbols, is a nearly 700-year-old watchtower. The tower is the only one left of the medieval castle that was called Helsingborg Castle. Kärnan is 35 metres high and consists of 4 floors and one rooftop terrace. In the tower there is an exhibition that tell you more about Kärnan and its medieval history. If you manage to go up all 146 steps, fantastic views await over Helsingborg and all the way over to the Danish coastline.


Read more about Kärnan here: kärnan.se 


The Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra

The Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, HSO, has its home in the beautiful Helsingborg Concert Hall, which was built in the spirit of functionalism in 1932. HSO wants to play an important role for the city’s residents, and anyone with a love for music! Therefore, the orchestra constantly strives to find ways to engage with new audiences, for example, with different concert formats and themed programmes. Educational and social initiatives are also important parts of the work to appeal to unaccustomed listeners. The concert hall with its famous acoustics is also a popular concert venue and conference facility.


Read more about Helsingborgs Konserthus here helsingborgskonserthus.se

Helsingborgs stadsteater.

Helsingborg City Theater

At Helsingborg City Theater, the audience is welcomed by the theater’s hosts. The buzz of voices rises towards the characteristic ceiling. The expectation is in the air. Stadsteatern wants to be a lively meeting place where both emotions and current issues have free rein. With a repertoire that contains everything from sharp satire to classics and newly written pieces, Stadsteatern wants to reach the general public. Through conscious choices, the Stadsteatern takes a stand on current issues and leaves the democratic conversation at the center. Helsingborg City Theater was inaugurated in 1921 and is one of Sweden’s oldest.


Read more about Helsingborgs stadsteater here helsingborgsstadsteater.se


Helsingborgs Museum

Helsingborgs Museum has the task of preserving the treasures of the time for both present and future generations. Here is the city’s ever-growing museum collection and a wide range of activities related to it. The knowledge about the city and its inhabitants is gathered and deepened. In the underground passages and arches that meander underground under the open-air museum Fredriksdal are the treasures of the time from all sorts of different eras. Here are old gold coins, clothes and hats and weapons from the past, but also more modern things such as VHS cassettes, slides and sneakers from the 1980s. For most objects, there is often an exciting story as well.


Read more about Helsingborgs Museum here: Helsingborgs Museum




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