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Helsingborg is a fantastic starting point when you want to go on adventures, big and small. Maybe the adventure starts already on the ferry across the sea, towards the art and nice atmosphere in Denmark. Or maybe you need a break from the city noise and to head out into nature to the tranquility of Söderåsen or the wild Kullaberg. From Helsingborg you can easily get to the region’s gold spots.



Ven, the little island between Sweden and Denmark that amazes so many! Bring the whole family and spend a day on the island; rent bikes, explore the environment at your own pace and stop at any of the cozy shops or restaurants. The island has a varied selection of cozy cafes and restaurants in everything from cozy gardens to stunning views of the sea and the landscape. Taste the locally produced ice cream from Hven’s ice cream factory or bread made from durum wheat grown on the island. The children love Ven and find it exciting to explore on a bike! Fishing for crabs in Norreborg, pausing at the nature playground in Tuna village, swimming on the beach in Kyrkbacken and looking for pretty rocks at Möllebacken.


Read more about Ven here: upplevven.se/en

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Porpoise Safari at Kullaberg

The porpoise is the small toothed whale that is easily confused with the dolphin. And it’s not really that strange – they are strikingly similar. At Kullaberg you can go on a Porpoise Safari with the Kullaberg guides. Jump in the RIB boat and prepare for a journey that goes both on the open sea and in Kullaberg’s mysterious caves!


Read more about Kullaberg here: visitskane.com


Cold bath houses

The bathing culture has an undeniably long history in Helsingborg. For almost 150 years, there have been cold bath houses in the city, and few Helsingborg residents can imagine their city without them. Along the coastal strip from north to south there are three cold bath houses: Pålsjöbaden, Kallis and Rååbaden. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy a traditional sauna and cold bath that gives you peace of mind and sharpens your senses.


Read more about Helsingborg’s cold bath house here Kallbad i Helsingborg

Baksidan av två trädäckstolar på Gröningen. En person sitter i en av stolarna och tittar ut över Sundet.

Fria Bad and Gröningen

The living room of the people of Helsingborg! Gröningen, located close to the city centre of Helsingborg is an oasis in the middle of the vibrant city. Enjoy the green grass and any of the restaurants along the beach walk. Fria Bad, just next to Gröningen is one of Helsingborg’s favorite beaches, a wide and long sandy beach where you choose whether you want to swim directly from the beach or one of the piers. Here you also find the popular water swing. Perfect for the whole family!


Read more about the beaches in Helsingborg here: visithelsingborg.com

Vandra på Kullaberg

Hiking on Kullaberg

Kullaleden is part of the Skåneleden around the Kulla Peninsula from Helsingborg, via Höganäs, Kullaberg and Arild to Utvälinge. Kullaleden is 70 km long and offers many varied experiences along the route. Here you will find Helsingborg’s medieval city centre, the countryside’s beautiful views of the sea and Denmark, the well-known castles Sofiero, Kulla Gunnarstorp and Krapperup, beaches and picturesque coastal communities, Kullaberg’s dramatic rock formations and Skälderviken’s bird-rich sandy beaches. In short, a lot of experiences on the 70 km hike.


Read more about Kullaleden here kullaleden.se/en 


Art Street Helsingborg

Street art, works of art, graphic art… yes, we find many names for the things we love. #artstreethbg highlights local, national and international street art artists at Söder in Helsingborg. Helsingborg arranges an annual festival in street art with its feet in the local creativity spiced up with international flair and colour.


Learn more about the street art in Helsingborg here artstreethbg.se 

Färjan Tycho Brahe vid Parapeten, på väg att angöra Helsinginborg och Knutpunkten.


With only about five kilometres as the crow flies over to Elsinore, the glittering strait has long been a popular crossing for business and pleasure. The latter includes “doing the rounds”, or in Swedish, “tura”. This local expression means that you enjoy a good dinner, lunch, or a drink on board the boat while it goes back and forth, Helsingborg-Elsinore, without getting off. You can often go to and fro as many times as you want on the same ticket. Read more about how to “tura” at Forsea and Sundsbussarna. If you want to get off in Elsinore, you can read more here!




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