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About H22 City Expo

From 30 May to 3 July 2022, H22 City Expo took place in Helsingborg. An international event that focused on future welfare and urban development solutions and how we can create a smarter, more sustainable, and thoughtful city – together. Below you can get a taste of what visitors could enjoy during H22 City Expo.


Each of us has a part to play in creating happy, healthy cities in balance with nature. For 35 days, Helsingborg invites the world to explore new twists on a sustainable city that celebrates all life. Discover how innovation and collaboration can inspire everyday solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Unleash your inner changemaker and connect with people from across the world. Let the energy, surprise, and different flavours of the city empower you.

Get excited, get hands-on, and open up for a better future in Helsingborg.


For curious minds near and far

There’s something for everyone to see and do. You’ll experience something to delight all your senses, no matter what age you are. Be entertained by your favourite artists or get your culture fix at a theatre show. Take part in experiments, marvel at new inventions, and open up your mind to what we can do when we put our heads together. Enjoy new takes on world food, new ways to play, and discover the beautiful stories, nature, and glistening beaches of the region.


For city changers and leaders

H22 City Expo is an arena for the world’s visionary leaders, urban disruptors, and crazy dreamers to explore local solutions to the global challenges that will define our future – and where cities must lead the charge. Connect with a community of peers and turn words into actions that shape sustainable cities. Inspire and be inspired through talks, conferences, site visits, and hackathons. Explore the city as a living lab and experience the biggest arena in Europe for sustainable urban transformation in 2022.


For innovators everywhere

Get a closer look at the latest tech, the future homes, and the newest takes on a sustainable city – for the people, and by the people. Engage with hundreds of innovative ideas and solutions on show, and put your own flavour in the development mix. You’ll be a living component in an urban lab that brings together industry leaders, public sector pioneers, and passionate residents to develop, share, and test real-life solutions in real time. Make H22 City Expo your platform and spark new connections for the future.


Our partners and friends were key creators in H22 City Expo. The event showcased innovations by over 70 national and global companies and organisations who have worked with the city to pioneer positive urban change. Visitors could explore their groundbreaking innovations and hear from the individuals who are shaping the sustainable cities of the future.


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The H22 journey – a long-term investment in people and innovation

The City Expo was just one part of Helsingborg’s H22 initiative – a long-term investment to develop welfare solutions aimed at improving life in a smarter, more sustainable city. H22 is not just a project, a platform, or an ecosystem. It’s a movement that is totally changing the city’s DNA and transforming Helsingborg from a producer of services to an enabler. Sustainable solutions are co-created together with all of society’s stakeholders – locally, nationally, and internationally.

The goals of the city’s vision for 2035 guide Helsingborg’s innovation work, and H22 City Expo marked the half-way point to showcase the progress so far, and engage the world in developing the future city together.


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