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Thanks for everything!!

H22 City Expo is officially over! With 35 days of fantastic experiences, exciting meetings, and electric entertainment still fresh in our minds, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who in some way contributed to a truly unforgettable city expo.


From 30 May to 3 July, Helsingborg was packed to the brim with industry visionaries, curious residents, urban changemakers, young innovators, adventurous tourists, and passionate people – all coming together in Helsingborg to explore how we can create a better future together.

Extended H22 features this
summer for adults and kids

Did you miss out on H22 City Expo? Several of the popular programme features can still be enjoyed until 14 August – free of charge! There’s also lots to discover in the new district of Oceanhamnen.

Remember H22 City Expo!

June of 2022 was the summer month when we opened up Helsingborg for the world.

It was an opportunity for visitors, participants, and exhibitors to open up for new encounters, tastes, solutions, and collaborations.

With H22 City Expo fresh in our minds, the journey towards a smarter, more thoughtful, and more sustainable city continues.

Thank you for 35 unforgettable days!




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